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Our Boxes

Here’s how it works: Please give us your contact details so we can call you. We have to do this to get the correct measurements. Once we’ve done that we’ll give you our best deal on boxes. If you’re happy with it (most of our customers are) you’ll have your boxes delivered in a day or two.

We can make any size and quantity of corrugated cardboard boxes required:

Regular standard cartons (RSC)
Die-cut cartons
Pizza boxes
Pads and Trays
We use any board grade required by you and will also advise you on what board grade to use if you are uncertain of what is needed.
Board fluting: E-flute, B-flute, C-flute and DWB Double wall board.
We have one of the biggest die cutting machines available and therefore are able to do any kind of die cutting work. Our packaging boxes are made to the highest standards and will keep your goods safe. We are one of the leading box manufacturers in the Western Cape.